Tuesday, 22 September 2015

On Sunday I did a sponsored walk, to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland. I decided to do the walk wearing a black cargo skirt. Got a few sideways looks, as you can see in this photo taken by my wife as we set off. But mostly either ignored, or approving smiles from the women.

However, in spite of it being a pleasant and mild day, I was just about the only person wearing a skirt. Come on girls, black leggings are not the only clothes, and men - if the girls don't appreciate the skirt, let's lead by example.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rediscover the Skirt

A celebration of the skirt as an item of clothing that seems to be going out of favour.  An item of clothing equally suited to men and women.

I have been wearing skirts at home whenever I liked for many years,  But thanks to the internet, I soon discovered that I was by no means alone.  So, timidly at first, I tried wearing a skirt in public, in quiet locations initially, like country walks.

Seeing that the odd person I encountered usually didn't notice, or didn't care, I became more confident, and now go almost anywhere wearing an appropriate skirt.

By appropriate, I mean if you like the look of your outfit in the mirror and it feels right for the occasion, fine.  If it jars, or just doesn't look quite right, I don't go out in it.

A few basic points are worth mentioning:

  • Men don't need permission to wear skirts, any more than women need permission to wear trousers (at least here in the UK)
  • just do it and see what happens (probably nothing)
  • you could start with a kilt, but the usual questions like “what do you wear underneath?” and “what tartan is that?”, and the cost and weight of the thing, will quickly cause you to consider a utility kilt.
  • Better. Avoids the silly questions, and has pockets, but still quite heavy and expensive.
  • Cargo skirts (girls ones, found in charity shops and on eBay for £5 or less) were to me the best kind of skirt to start out wearing in public. Felt like I was wearing cargo shorts, so felt natural, with all those useful pockets.
  • I've since also worn denim skirts, usually about knee-length, black leather skirts, and even colourful patterned ones.

So why not give it a try?

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