Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rediscover the Skirt

A celebration of the skirt as an item of clothing that seems to be going out of favour.  An item of clothing equally suited to men and women.

I have been wearing skirts at home whenever I liked for many years,  But thanks to the internet, I soon discovered that I was by no means alone.  So, timidly at first, I tried wearing a skirt in public, in quiet locations initially, like country walks.

Seeing that the odd person I encountered usually didn't notice, or didn't care, I became more confident, and now go almost anywhere wearing an appropriate skirt.

By appropriate, I mean if you like the look of your outfit in the mirror and it feels right for the occasion, fine.  If it jars, or just doesn't look quite right, I don't go out in it.

A few basic points are worth mentioning:

  • Men don't need permission to wear skirts, any more than women need permission to wear trousers (at least here in the UK)
  • just do it and see what happens (probably nothing)
  • you could start with a kilt, but the usual questions like “what do you wear underneath?” and “what tartan is that?”, and the cost and weight of the thing, will quickly cause you to consider a utility kilt.
  • Better. Avoids the silly questions, and has pockets, but still quite heavy and expensive.
  • Cargo skirts (girls ones, found in charity shops and on eBay for £5 or less) were to me the best kind of skirt to start out wearing in public. Felt like I was wearing cargo shorts, so felt natural, with all those useful pockets.
  • I've since also worn denim skirts, usually about knee-length, black leather skirts, and even colourful patterned ones.

So why not give it a try?

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