Saturday, 10 March 2018

Happy #SkirtDay !  

This day, 10 March, is international Skirt Day - a day to wear and celebrate the skirt as the wonderful garment it is.

Today, at least here in Scotland, the intense snow and freezing temperatures of the last week have been replaced by slightly milder, although very wet, weather.  Time to be wearing shorter skirts again!

Here I am at the market in Leith.

If you would like to celebrate Skirt Day, first put on a skirt or kilt, then you could go shopping to purchase a new skirt, sew your own special skirt, organize a get-together and ask your guests to come dressed in skirts, or simply go about your usual Saturday activities wearing a skirt or kilt.

Then share your Skirt Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #SkirtDay, with pictures if possible.

I celebrated the day by first going to the Leith market for some food supplies. Then went on to a shopping park where I bought a denim button-front mini skirt at the Marks & Spencer clearance shop.

Than you for reading this post, and Happy Skirt Day 2018.

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